Keeping it natural


A platform to continually empower the African Caribbean community to embrace the divinity of natural hair.

The African Caribbean community on the continent and in the diaspora has witnessed generations of women attempting to achieve a standard of beauty.  In this pursuit many women have accepted straight hair to be the defining factor in what makes them acceptable, attractive and feminine.

B-Uzuri works to counter act this idea and promotes natural hair as the only way to truly begin an understanding of what beauty is.

For many of us our social conditioning from the media, our peers, close friends and family perpetuates an idea of what a woman should be.  In recent years our society purports ‘diversity’ to be important but in actuality the ideal is fixated on a woman who is non-African.  B-Uzuri looks to address the understanding that beauty for the black woman starts from embracing her natural features first.

For some women their natural hair can be a statement not just about embracing one’s own beauty but also to take the responsibility to educate the younger generation of impressionable women trying to understand how to accept themselves.

Our hair is a unique defining feature and to have natural hair is not the be all or end all of what makes a woman beautiful however, it is a clear indication of what she has accepted and rejected about herself.


The B-Uzuri campaign also includes a survey to record your views on natural hair, and we would welcome you to complete and share – B-Uzuri Survey 2017/18